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This might not be related, but I got crackling sound on latest WinUAE with my emulated A1200 when I enabled JIT (for testing purposes), but that problem went away after disabling JIT. In addition, I still get occasional crackles when I choose Directsound and Wasapi, but not with Wasapi EX.

I will try to do some more debugging, but in the meantime, you could try changing JIT and sound subsystem, unless you already tried that.

I suspect in my case it is CPU throttling (which would be unrelated to this thread) since I recently replaced my motherboard and immediately noticed that Windows 10 with my new CPU seems to suspend cores automatically all the time, even though I turned off all the throttling in the power settings.

I have been using a lot of FS-UAE since I found out about that cool "automatic loading of whd files using your personal whdload key" feature!

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