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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I don't understand why you tell my acttitude is "aggressive" at all.
Because you have been told "no" over and over again and yet you still don't respect my decision by insisting.
It seems to me the notion of "consent" is missing in your dictionary and this is a worrying personality trait. I hope you don't extend it to all aspects of your life.

Also if you don't understand the concept of "guilt trips", then I have nothing else to say in the matter. I don't feel guilty, quite the opposite, you misread.

Now please stop polluting this thread about software with this ridiculous personal discussion. My "feeling" comes from this kinda attitude by lots of people on the scene, which drives me to believe the next time I make something like this with a friend, I don't want it released publicly. A loss for everyone involved.
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