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An update from Daniel, the coder of the game for AmigaNG, after the reach of 150 preorders sold:

"Thanks to all who preordered so far!
The minimum amount of 150 preorders has been reached by now which means: I'm working on the port again

However, 300 are the amount we really need to fully cover all costs, including my development costs. Since this here is a complete rewrite and no "simple" port like for example Tower57 will be, those sum up.
The 300-calculation was meant to cover about three months of full time work on this title (plus production costs plus some other Cinemaware outlays, and taxes of course).
As you may guess with 150 preorders things look different. I am not able to work full time on this title for now. Consequently it is unlikely that the Feb. 2016 release date can be achieved.
I'll do as much as I can, but I'll have to take care first that my warchest stays filled to a certain level.

Because forum work eats up my time too I decided to keep a small development diary (not much there yet) instead of answering question X over there and talk about progress Y somewhere else.
That way you can always check out the current progress. I'll also answer (technical, gameplay related) questions there when I see some on any forum.
Just follow the link in my signature.

I'll also update the demo version from time to time, of course.


Link to the development diary of the game
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