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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I financially supported Moebius Goatlizzard, Sqrxz, both Gotluths, Alien Fish Finger, EAB forum and there is no reason why I would not support this as well. And yes Akira, you are right: BECAUSE OF AMIGA. I really appreciate all the effort, even if the final product is not top notch and comparable to other ones. And I will keep supporting similar products in future, if I have some money left.

I am also not sure about quality of Dream of Rowan, there is a lot that I would change if it would be my game, but it is Amiten's game and I am glad he is here in this thread and listens to what people tell him. I would contribute with advice or suggestion rather than with criticism, that is contra productive in this case. And now I stop my discussion about this.

Totally agree with you again Predseda (not for support Rowan) its the aptitude all Amigans must have for let this Party Boing!
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