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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
As I understand it, a kickstart project is a contract. I don't know what rules or laws does it have though.
Kickstarter does not guarantee projects or investigate a creator's ability to complete their project. On Kickstarter, backers (you!) ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it.
Also the link I posted above also mentions another occurrence of a team effort that was never finished, actually, it was a tutorial that was turned into this "new" game posted on this thread. Just stating facts here and making a criticism, ultimately, on the general attitude of the Amiga "community" towards supporting whatever that has the "Amiga" name slapped on it, regardless of output.

Originally Posted by written on Facebook by Johnny Acevedo, September 29
El SueƱo de Rowan - New Classic Amiga Game - Coming Soon - By Amiten Software Inc. - December 2015.
we are pleased to announce the development of a new game for the Amiga Classic , that will be released in December this year. The game is part of a course of Amos professional taught online through youtube channel . We hope your views and feedback.
the Team of Amiten Software Inc & Amicom TV
Can you explain how this was to be ready this month (said by yourself), but now you say release is October 2016 in your Kickstarter page?

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