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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
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Well, you're right that those refresh rates were acceptable those days, but there are already more than 150 games verified to be @50 on miggy with Toni's winuae method, that's not rare imo. Out of the more well known titles, those with less than 50 fps seem to be the minority and they include 3d/pseudo 3d titles which are hard to gauge. Unless of course you mean on home computers in general - on that I agree.
In fact i was about to write "on home computers", a lot of people were still playing on Sinclair Spectrums and others in 1991, indeed there are a lot of 50fps games on the Amiga but unlike on the consoles it was still not an expected norm. Standards did improve as time went on though, maybe we could go through the list of 50fps games and plot a graph of what years they came out. Then everyone started wishing we had a "Sonic beater" and then 50fps suddenly became something everybody cared about.

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Whilst Gods in 50hz would have been nice, i think the speedup in the scrolling would have altered the game.

It wasnt meant to be a frenetic platformer, it wss more a puzzler platformer, you certainly couldnt compare it to Zool which was all about speed.
You can have a slow game with smooth scrolling, it would just be a bit easier on the eyes. But adapting an existing game to run at higher frame rates with the same dynamic is not necessarily an easy task. If the characters always move at multiples of 3 pixels per frame it would be simple enough, but that's not very likely.
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