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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
You never managed to finish or release any of your "projects" before ("X-Wars"? "RUN PUFF"? "Amivania"? "Parallel Worlds"?) yet suddenly you will finish this one if you get 4000 Euros?

Your "budget breakdown" is just a 3D rendered pie chart with no actual data on it. Your "timetable" has no times on it. The text on the kickstarter page is awfully hard to read which won't help your campaign.
You fail to address why anyone should contribute to it. Just because it's an Amiga game? Unfortunately, that seems to work in this community that supports pretty much anything.

A lot of people in this scene have managed to produce and release professional level software for years and in many cases absolutely for free. If you want people to give you money you should up your game and do things professionally. Look at viddi's projects as a good example on how to release a home made game independently. Even though I don't like Backbone I respect his hard work on his games and his support is well deserved (and he has a track record of actually releasing stuff).
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