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Originally Posted by MickJT View Post
MP3 isn't natively supported by DOpus, so I suspect you'd have a filetype set up for that, that runs some command line player for them (which one? curious).
In the updated version of OS4 DOpus for MP3s performing with a click, ma non c' alcun "Filetypes" and I look associations, probably they have an integrated player in DOpus 4, and they have the same thing to the sounds (Iff, 8svx etc.. ). Another thing I noticed is the ability to open the fly with a click archives, turning them into a directory, questo grazie al comando AmigaDos "XadUniFile" (versions DOpus 68k seems not work)

You're right about MultiView. I hadn't thought of trying it with that. It doesn't crash for me, but nothing happens when you press the play button.
It is also very strange because it does too OS4.0, OS4.1FE and OS4.1Classic, after the second click OS4 crashes !
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