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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
maybe, *maybe* the Amiga version spends 2 VBLs out of every 3 just sitting there doing nothing, because if it ran at full speed it would just be silly.
If the code is not too ugly, maybe the scrolling speed and gameplay refresh rate could be decoupled from one another with relatively few modifications.

I suspect that the game does not use hardware scrolling at all though, otherwise the Bitmap Brothers could have made this modification themselves. I mean, if the game has a
and a
function, adapting it to the Amiga is as simple as gutting the former of most of its code except for discovered tiles and adding a scroll register update and adapting the latter to use the blitter. This should be at worst two days of work (worst case: one week) even in assembly language provided the code is modular. Just these two changes would provide a massive speed boost compared to the ST making the decoupling of gameplay and display more valuable to pursue.

We keep hearing the "didn't bother adapting for the Amiga" excuse but the amount of work needed is so low with a properly written program that I am tending to think that either these code bases were a horrible spaghetti mess (yeah for assembly) or many of the coders were blatantly incompetent. It seems hard to justify refusing even two additional weeks of coder time when the result could have run two times faster on another platform. The return on investment is definitely worth it if you can add "50 FPS" on the box.
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