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Odyssey Big Endian bounty

Solve the endianess issue in Odyssey's JavaScript engine to allow using it on big endian CPUs. One of the approaches
can be to bring in the minimal set of changes from Leaopard WebKit repository to Odyssey repository.

The leopard-webkit project:

- The non-JIT JavaScript engine for a selected Big Endian system (AmigaOS 3.x, AROS 68k, MorphOS or AmigaOS 4) works
up to same level as non-JIT JavaScript version for x86 processors.
- Execution speed is not part of comparison
- The changes are made in a way allowing easy re-basing with newer versions of WebKit
- Changes need to be integrated to and released with license
compatible with Odyssey
- A binary of Odyssey for a selected Big Endian system is delivered to general usage
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