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Odyssey 68k bounty

Compile the current version of Odyssey (at least 1.25) to work under AROS 68k. The source codes are available at Please note that there is a known big endian issue with JavaScript component of Odyssey.

- At minimum Odyssey 68k opens, allows logging and interacting with following sites:,,,
- The endianess problem in Java Script needs to be fixed or circumvented to the extend needed for the above sites to function properly
- If the endianess problem is solved by the time bounty is assigned, delivering HTML5 video player needs to be
functional as well
- Changes need to be integrated to, released with license compatible with Odyssey and allow compiling with AROS 68k crosscompiler
- The external libraries needed to compile Odyssey 68k are either provided in AROS contrib build (so build with every
AROS build) or are delivered in binary form and uploaded to a publicly accessible site

The leopard-webkit project already has a big endian patch for WebKit:
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