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Originally Posted by TheSmokinDeist View Post
I have been playing with Amiga Forever 2016 and when I was trying to come up with an emulated Amiga "power system" to work with,there were a lot of systems that were not compatible with either WinUAE or WinFellow. A quick reference or the like would be helpful in helping me set up my virtual Amiga environments for setting up systems in specific environments.

Here are three systems I'd like to set up.

1) A PowerPPC-accelerated 3.x system for my "main" Amiga. This gets all the bells and whistles.

2) A nice 2.1 System--(I'm thinking of using an A3000 as the base here)

3) A nice 1.3 System--(I'm thinking of usiing an A2000 as the base with this one.)

A reference would be of great help as I play with other configs as well--weeding out a lot of unsupported setups ahead of time would be very handy.

I don't know if this is something that already exists or where to find it if it does...
That's quite a list!

Over the years I have actually messed around with quite a bit of this. I'm always getting comments from others that "That isn't a pure system" but if it works it works. Sometimes the system shows that I have tons of resources available (mostly ram) but the OS only uses what it's programmed to use. But it looks cool and it runs good.

Here are some configs that I use that I think you want. There are only two as the 2.x system is very basic and is usually just what you install from scratch. You can use the A500AF.uae file and change the system to A2000 - it should work just fine.

But as always. Other ppls configs/stufff never works as well as your own. I would mess around with configs until I was satisfied with what works. You can use the two I uploaded here as a baseline for your experiments.



EDIT: My bad, I was thinking you wanted WinUAE references. Do not the Systems work good for you that come with AF2016?
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