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Originally Posted by mechanic_2 View Post
I want to put my AmigaOS 3.9 on a drive partition and install work on a different partition. Can I do this and how? I am still very green at this. Is there a spell checker with this editor? If so how do I access it?
OK this is/was very common with Amiga installs. In an acutal Amiga would would simply use a second hard drive or partition the one you were working with. You could keep your Amiga System--which will still get some changes like assigns to the user-startup, libs, ...--and when you installed any other software, you'd install to the other drive. Both partition or drives are mounted at the same time.

With UAE/AF, you could create another .hdf or use an actual harddrive like you suggested to get the same results. I would add them to your media list so they get mounted automatically and vola! Now I may be possible to transfer control to another drive but I think that would require a bunch of assigns in your Startup-Sequence or user-startup to reassign all the different directories like C:, et al to the new drive. It sounds messy and I am not 100% sure it would work as well as you'd like. The partition/multi-drive method works well on actual Amiga hardware and I don't see AF/UAE being any different.

My old Amiga systems had multiple partitions as a safety precaution since the Amiga hardware can be extremely finicky about the disk media and any bad blocks could run from pretty annoying to catastrophic. I would have my system partition, and then multiple other ones divided by category. It was helpful whenever I had a drive go south since it limited the damage.

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