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Wow, the first longplay video of my games...?
( I cannot create so long video such as "longplay" due to the spec of my PC.)

Hi, thank you for your game in October. I enjoyed a lot.

>amend the in game music
Yes, It itself is easy.The matter is composing tunes...
The program refers only "gamemod.MED",a multiple med file (consists of 9tunes).
After downloading "Sound Studio" from aminet,
open this (on OctamedPlayer). You will know what I mean.
Each tune should be saved as MMD0 format.
I created after I load 9 new tunes I created in advance.

>a message
Some people call it "HEX hack".
Program file is named "game". Open it on "binary editor".
For example,
E: 45
l: 6C
f: 66

I learned them at previous mods (Gloom).
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