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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
I think it looks quite groovy. A good mod

Have you not thought of opening your miggy up and soldering the connections on the inside of the port? It'll look nice and tidy then.
Thanks LuMan! I considered it, but I'm worried that I might have difficulty undoing the modification - or worse, that I'll short something else A male connector (just the head, no cable) shouldn't be visible from the users POV.. although it may block some of the light. Maybe I could use shielded crocodile clips internally though.. you've given me an idea!

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I feel a pain looking at 2nd picture.
Me too It was just a test - not intended to be left that way. But after two weeks of it working fine I just left it. Then one day the lights went out because a resistor had fallen out. When I pushed it back in, I went too far and caused the short Not a good memory, but a good lesson!
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