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Hi G.A.

One nice thing about having an A1000 and a 500 with 1.2 roms is that you can most likely play all of those cool old EA games like "Dr. J and Larry Bird go One on One" and "Marble Madness" correctly. Those were the two games I wanted to play the most when I bought my A500 in 1989 but by that time, they came with 1.3 roms and those games didn't like that at all. I never did get to play them until WHDload came out and people starting hacking games to work on it.

Get workbench disks made for you if you can, or just start buying some old games off of one of the bays and forget about workbench all together. There really isn't much to do with floppy based workbench IMHO. I guess it's interesting if you have never used it, but not very useful without a hard disk.
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