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I would pay $800 USD for one! (fits in the mailbox!!??)
Actually, $444.00 has a nice ring to it.
A functional Amiga 4KT Clone x 4 In 1 Powered Personal System On a Chip!
X4 Amiga 4000T's
X4 Wb3.1's
X4 Instances running IRTP (In Real Time Parallel)
X4 GenlockedEnabled AlphaBakeConsole thru's in series
X1 Electric-64R (Amiga/C64 Reversable Keyboard/ProJoystick Package)
X1 HF-PPCC (HyperFreonPowerPCCooler)
X1 1KP-PDA (1000 page PhysicalDocumentArchive)
X1 GMBP-SD (GuruMeditationByPassSeizureDongle)
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