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what's up with amiga inc?
Amiga Inc. are not involved with either AmigaOS4 or the AmigaOne. In fact, even if AInc go bankrupt, both projects will be continued anyway - Hyperion will own the rights to AmigaOS in this case.

Amiga Inc. are broke (for about 1.5 years now). They have been thrown out of their offices about a year ago (because they didn't pay the rent) and are now operating from Bill McEwen's living room (Bill is the CEO). They are engaged in several lawsuits (including one against the state of Washington who sued them for not paying their taxes).

It's a perfect miracle that Amiga Inc. are still alive, honestly. They fucked up a lot of things, but they seem to be extremely good at surviving.

That said, they finally have several products shipping - you can buy various AmigaDE "GamePaks" at "CompUSA" (seems to be a big Computer retailer in the US). Don't expect much - we're talking (very) simple PDA games here. But their situation seems to be improving finally.

since they haven't appeared on the cebit in march 2003 there was no new news from them.
Don't listen to Amiga Inc. if you're interested in AmigaOS4 or the AmigaOne.

Ben Hermans (OS4 project manager) and the Frieden brothers are the guys you need to look out for. Ben Hermans gave several interviews in the last few months.

Status of OS4:

Until 4-6 weeks ago, OS4 has not been a complete package, but three seperate entities:

1. the "modules" (libraries, devices, tools etc.)

All this stuff (the new filesystem, the new intuition.library, the new GUI, the TCP stack, the PCI support etc.) has been developed on 68k Amigas, has been compiled for 68k Amigas and was betatested on 68k Amigas running OS3.9. This allowed external developers (remember: there are about 30 people working on OS4) to work on their stuff without waiting for the Kernel and 68k emulator to be finished. Nearly all modules were finished 6-8 months ago and are betatested for nearly one year now (some things - like the new filesystem or the TCP stack - are betatested for more than two years by now).

2. The 68k emulator

Developed by a single developer on a PPC Amiga running AmigaOS3.9 and WarpOS.

3. The new Kernel and HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)

The most important thing, developed by senior Hyperion developers

To merge these seperate entities into a single package, you'll have to integrate the 68k emulator into the Kernel first: the new PPC-native kernel can only execute PPC tasks, to execute 68k tasks it needs the emulator (and you can't just port one or two libraries to PPC and test them with the new Kernel, because the libraries completely depend on each other).

The integration of the emulator into the Kernel was finished about two months ago. about six weeks ago, AmigaOS4 booted into Workbench for the first time.

Since then, we're busy removing bugs and porting all the modules to PPC native code.

Status of the AmigaOne

It gets shipped since a few weeks (both G3/800 and G4/800 models). It runs various flavours of Linux atm.

i remember amithlon has been killed around that time. is there a conjunction?
Certainly not.


I dont know how there can be screenshots of the thing running and a year later no product,
See above. These screenshots demonstrated the new intuition.library, which is working for ages - but until recently, it was just running under OS 3.9

unless its a buggy piece of shit and you have 1 coder who works on it on the weekends.

Do they have any screenshots of any program running on the os?
Beginning next week, AmigaOS4 will be denonstrated throughout Europe: AmigaOS 4 on tour (expect further dtes to be added to the list).


They're just a bunch of fuckheads.
How subtle

Korodny was a beta tester,
I'm a developer.

but haven't seen the good ole chap around for a loooong time.
I'm here, I'm just damn busy.
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