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Updated text:

Workbook is AROS 68k minimalisting desktop. Today its usability is quite
limited. This bounty aims at extending the available functions to become a
replacement of Workbench as found in AmigaOS 3.1

Bounty will be completed when these functionalites are available in Workbook:

* Support standard .info files
* Manually position & snapshot icons and windows
* Drag & drop icons to copy/move
* Make new directories
* Delete files & directories
* Rename files & directories
* View/edit file information/tooltypes
* Leave out/put away
* Make Show All Files/Show Only Icons work as per description

This functionality needs to be available in ROM version of Workbook, that is
booting a disk only containing LoadWB command will allow usage of Workbook with
these functionalities.

Additionaly the following functionalities can be added at the descrection of the developer:

* Support for ToolMenu
* List-view mode (view + manage files as in icon mode)

These functionalities are not required to mark bounty as completed.


List view is moved to optional - with limited space in ROM I prefer to get icon mode working correctly rather than have two partial modes.
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