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New Amigan Starter Kit

Once upon a time, I had started on putting together a Starter Kit for New Amigans. It would have featured all the essential stuff needed to get going with WB 3.1 in an emulator (or a real Amiga) except for the bits one needs to buy from Cloanto. Additionally, it would include a curated selection of fun/useful stuff from Aminet and other sources with ratings and descriptions. Unlike the prebuilt desktops (Amikit, ClassicWB, etc) this would be a "build it yourself" kit and would allow folks to put together a custom system while learning about the Amiga and how it works.

This project got put aside when I got busy with other stuff, but I'm now coming back to it. I have some questions though:
1. What format(s) should I produce: ISO, ZIP, HDF, or something else.
2. What stuff should I include? The basics like MUI, lha, Installer and Picasso96 are a given, but that leaves a lot of room for more.
3. Is there a good editor for AmigaGuide files out there? Barring something semi-WYSIWYG, is there at least documentation for how to create a guide in a text editor?
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