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Skick Issues

Hi all,

I have a complicated OS2.0 A500 which doesnt like SKick whenever i try to boot with another Kickstart OS. I say complicated as its a fairly modded A500 plus. It has a 1MB Chip RAM expansion ram in the slot (totalling 2MB Chip in all), 4MB Fast abourd the GVP A500+ HD and 4MB Ext Ram on a 68020 accelerator.

What happens is that the screen goes Yellow, the power flickers several times and it then returns to the ROM os. The only thing else i have to mention is that i have to tell the Accelerator to load the Ext Ram in the Startup-Sequence before SetPatch.

Ive tried FORCE, switching off Patching and running Allockick but its made no difference - neither did altering the location where the ROM should go. When i boot normally i get full ram, so theres no shadowing of my rom it would seem. As an aside i remember trying Relockick1.4 and finding the same problem.

Ill admit im happy enough running OS2.0 but some good apps are 3.0+ only, so is there anyone here who knows how to command this beast?
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