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I'm happy everyone seems to be pleased.
Of course I know that it would become better
if I have to add 2-3 features, though.

>Joystick support
>an infinite death loop

Yes, they're "cons" of "Jet Set Billy" game.
To fix them, we must edit source and compile again.
Unfortunately I don't have such "additional coding" knowledge at this time.
If anyone gives me some hints,
I might be able to update till Dec 24.
Is it naive idea?

Ah, sorry! I didn't know that "echo" command didn't work on kick1.3.
I don't have kick1.3 system(eg, A500) at this time.
Is it possible to tell me if you can boot the game from workbench
with only 512KB?
Original "Jet Set Billy" requires 1MB minimum, however,
this game has much smaller med file,
so I expect the game would boot at vanilla a500 system.

Intro(by me): Amos
Main program(by Niilo Paasivirta):
You can download its source code from aminet if you're interested.
It says code files would be compiled by "SAS/C 6.51".
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