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Help needed for A500 config

I was hoping for some help making a config for the A500. I`m looking to replicate a set-up a friend used to have many years ago.

It had the standard upgrade to 1 Meg via the trap door, so that part is easy. However it also had a memory expansion plugged into the side. The side expansion didn't have a label but I`m guessing it was one of the Supra series, had the same sort of wedge shape, I had a look on google and the Supra looks very similar to my friends. I think it had 2MB RAM, perhaps more.

Could somebody give me an idiots guide of replicating this hardware on WinUAE. I haven't been following the new emulated expansion support so I`m completely clueless. I`m guessing I need the correct rom for this expansion, that's if WinUAE supports it?
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