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"Elves' Dreamland" New Amiga game for Xmas 2015!

This is a lovely cute xmas game (2D platformer) designed for xmas 2015.
As you know, I am a "Jet Set Willy clone games" collector.
So this xmas I give you a special gift which was created
by map editor of "Jet Set Billy" coded Niilo Paasivirta.
Of course all graphics and music were made by me, nittamituaki.
You have to collect all 200 items to complete the game,
while you can feel nostalgic everywhere.
It's because 7 (out of 8) areas were made based on commercial retro games.
How many titles you remember?

In addition,
This game has 9 tunes which are related to christmas.

Download and more details: External LINK

You can also download the same data from aminet later.

Video: [ Show youtube player ]

The game has fully tested on my CD32+ FDD.
(Completed 200 items without any cheat.) It also works on WinUAE.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this game in holiday 2015 ~ 2016.
See you my next game, have a happy holiday !

Feel free to merge here and following thread AFTER Dec.25 .
Just I'd like to inform this cute xmas game to everyone as NEWS forum.

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