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Congratulations for getting your files back. My last hard drive crash was on my A1200 back when I was 17 or so and I lost everything. My heart literally sank into my stomach after I realized all my configs, my e-mails and all my aminet downloads, it was all gone.

I have kept backups every three or four months since then. My backups are in a physically different location than my main hard discs.

For all my work stuff I also use dropbox, to have a copy in the cloud.

Luckily, with emulation stuff there are now many excellent emulation archives such as TOSEC or goodsets, etc. which make it easier to get all the stuff back. Back in the day I got my adfs by clicking on single links on planetemu or some such.

I remember back in the day shortly after that I basically copied these CDroms from friends filled with ADF images. Even before that I started to convert my own disk collection to adf but that took forever.
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