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Originally Posted by deadwood View Post
Based on Clebin's description here is the proposal for first bounty:

good/bad/things missing?
Thanks Deadwood. I just read your earlier question. I'd agree with others that a lightly expanded A1200 (ie. with RAM expansion) or similar is a good baseline.

I can see that there's a bit disagreement about the value of Workbook. It would be nice to hear Jason McMullan's take on it, but the question for me is, are Workbook and Wanderer's goals compatible? Yes, you can optimise Wanderer but if the bigger push is to add functionality, that's not really the point.

The fact that Wanderer hasn't advanced much beyond Workbench wasn't deliberate - with more developers it might have (and still might) turn into Ambient, regardless of 680x0 performance. Workbook is more a less a finite development - clone Workbench and it's "finished". Beyond that, all you can do is optimise.

I was interested in Kalamatee's post on Aros-exec about his Wanderer plugin architecture and how you could move all but the most basic functionality into plugins. If that makes the goals of low-end 68k and high-end x86 compatible, then I'm all for it. My only concern is that it's been talked about for a long time and unless it makes it into mainline AROS, it's discouraging development on things like Workbook while the problem for low-end Amigas still exists.
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