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Excellent news! that's some feeling of relief you must have Yeah, I'd heard that those drives could be flaky alright, will be avoiding them myself here (all 1 & 2TB drives...) I didn't realise your backup had failed too, that's just pants!

I wouldn't trust it myself either, but it would be interesting to see what the SMART data says about it, and maybe give it a few cycles of writing and reading to see how it behaves. You could always write to them and complain anyway - the warranty might be gone, but they might still offer you something given the reputation of those drives. Warranty period is not the same as life expectancy after all...

As for memory card / SSD reliability, I don't know really. Filesystem corruption won't be any different really. Memory cards can also just fail 100% without any hope of recovery, and without the warning you sometimes get from mechanical drives, but on the other hand they're far more robust when it comes to moving them around.

At least now you have a nice opportunity to make more backups
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