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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
So that emulator emulates PSP games too?
No, just the EBOOT format. It's compressed so the ISOs don't take up as much room.

We do have a PSP emulator too, and for many games it's perfect; but for many it is not. R-Type Command runs sweetly on it.

[edit] I just tested R-Type Delta and it wasn't perfect. There's an obvious delay, the sound is all choppy. The game doesn't seem to be running that badly, but the sound makes it unbearable.
I wonder if a standalone version of PCSX Reloaded would work better. This was using Retroarch's Libretro libray for PCSX.
Still pretty impressed it even ran. I wasn't able to look at the FPS it was running at (turned the option on but they weren't showing) but it seemed to be 45 something FPS at least.
Before we got PCSX ReARMed (with the ARM dynarec) it was slow as hell on the Pandora. It's 60fps now at 600MHz. There's even an option to make the graphics higher res, which looks gorgeous.

I don't know if PCSX ReARMed will compile for the Pi zero though - no NEON architecture AFAICS.

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