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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Funny! R-Type Delta is the only game I ever owned for PSX and I was going to test that, but realized that my image of it was for the PSP and it didn't work in the emulator. I made this PSP image myself from my disc when I had a PSP, but I don't have the disc anymore (lost it ) so I guess I'll have to get one from the net.

I would LOVE to be able to play R-Type Delta again! And if the performance is good or bad I'll know right away since I know this game very well. I'll post again later today if I found an image
Depending on which emulator you're using, I have a PSP EBOOT disk image. I'm not condoning piracy or anything though so we should maybe continue this discussion via private message...

The Pandora build of PCSX ReARMed runs EBOOTs faultlessly and is amazingly quick - even at the default pandora clock of 600MHz.

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