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Guys, I don't think DVDs, music and all this stuff have anything to do with originality. Even a game on a floppy disk can be original enough. The question is: Can a game in 2003 be original?

At the moment, it can't be. There are three main desktop consoles, 2 hand-helds and 1 major PC platform to play games with (wintel). For me, the only revolution and innovation can come from GP32. Wireless multiplaying game? F*ck YES!!! The fact that it comes with development tools, allows everyone to implements his/her ideas on this little beauty.

Today, as Jim Collas said in WOA99, most things are evolutionary, not revolutionary. Revolution cannot come with hardware alone but with the software that can take full advantage of that hardware. Today, most games are 3D remakes of old classics, RTS, FPS, 3D RPGs and Flight Sims. I don't give a shit if the next FPS (doomIII, halflife 2 etc) will be looking awesome and let you shoot even the flies and the birds! All I want is a game that is new, i.e. never done before.

Recently, we were discussing originality with some friends. It was difficult to find ideas. Everytime someone was saying x, the other was saying "y covered this back in 9X). WTF!!!
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