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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I always found that RType Delta was a good one - it used to slow down summats rotten on the Pandora until the emulator was properly optimised.
Funny! R-Type Delta is the only game I ever owned for PSX and I was going to test that, but realized that my image of it was for the PSP and it didn't work in the emulator. I made this PSP image myself from my disc when I had a PSP, but I don't have the disc anymore (lost it ) so I guess I'll have to get one from the net.

I would LOVE to be able to play R-Type Delta again! And if the performance is good or bad I'll know right away since I know this game very well. I'll post again later today if I found an image

Originally Posted by hooverphonique View Post
is that price for real? in the online shops I've found it, it costs 3-4 times $5..
DON'T BUY THOSE! Assholes online that got units on the first batch are reselling them at a much marked up price. The official Raspberry Pi blog explicitly mentioned NOT to feed these people. Just wait until a new batch is released. All first batch (20k of them) units are sold out. The price IS Real and you should NOT pay more than 5 USD (4 GBP) for it. Try to get the RPi magazine mentioned before, you might be lucky.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
I wonder if powered USB hub can provide enough power to run RPi0 and host few other USB devices. (Akira, do you have any? )
I ordered a powered hub to test this but Amazon screwed up my order and it isn't here yet. It should be with me tomorrow and then I can test.
Given that the consumption of the RPi Zero is 160mA and that I am currently running it plus a hub plus a keyboard, mouse and a USB stick, all from a 1A phone charger, I am pretty sure any powered USB hub will power the whole thing. Powered USB hubs usually deliver 2A so you can be sure you can power pretty much everything, including USB-powered hard drives, in conjunction with the Pi Zero. The pi Zero will actually be the least of your worries.
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