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Originally Posted by alewis View Post
Lets say I want to emulate an A4K. What scsi device do I use? The option for the A4KT NCR scsi, or do I enable UAESCSI.device?
A4000 has built-in IDE only unless you add some SCSI expansions -> select A600/A1200/A4000 IDE controller. If you have A4091, enable it, then select A4091 as HD controller and so on. It isn't that difficult

If I want to "add" a Warp Engine (or any other accelerator card with onboard SCSI for any model), again, which device? Or, like a real Amiga, do I need an ADF of the driver disk with the appropriate driver and HardDiskToolBox/FaaastPrep/etc tooltype set?
Just like you would do it using real hardware.

Thinking about adding expansion cards, presumably WinAUE does not have card-specific code so one needs a ROM image for that card. So, if I want to add a G-Force 030 or Warp Engine, etc, I need to obtain a ROM image for it?
Yes. Thats the whole point of emulating expansion hardware, emulate hardware and use original software/firmware.

In CD/hard drives, I create a 120mb hard file. I leave it all settings as defaults. Start winuae, HDToolbox cannot see a hard disk.
UAE controller = uaehf.device. ("tools/hdtoolbox uaehf.device") hdtoolbox only detects and uses scsi.device automatically.

Make sure RDB mode is enabled.
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