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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I installed RetroPie yesterday on it and messed about all night until I got it right. At first the latest Retropie (I got the Pi 1 version) seems configured for A+/B+ models so the speed is a bit shit, as soon as I ramped up the overclocking (TURBO option worked with the Zero, Pi2 option didn't), almost every damn game that had slowdowns before worked fine. I hope they make a version optimized for Pi Zero.
we don't do any overclocking on retropie by default, so your cpu would be clocked at the default speed (which I believe is 1ghz), but the retropie image for rpi1 is already optimised for the pizero as the pizero is the same arm core as the pi1 etc. I would have thought the pizero should run things like snes / megadrive at full speed without additional overclocking.
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