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Originally Posted by hooverphonique View Post
is that price for real? in the online shops I've found it, it costs 3-4 times $5..
I am following it since the day it was released, and all units they made were sold withing few hours. Actully, iirc about 10K were attached to ThePiMag, so if you can find latest issue, it has RPi0 attached on cover.

Who would guess there would be a time you get cover computer, just the same way we used to get demo/games.

From specs, it should be more close to original RPi and should emulate well 16 bit computers.

I have few microUSB - usb adapters (iir few bucks @ amazon) - and those you would need to get your usb controller/keyboard/mouse working. If you get Logitech combo - even better, you can have both on single port. Second port is for power.

I wonder if powered USB hub can provide enough power to run RPi0 and host few other USB devices. (Akira, do you have any? )
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