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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Let chip brokers sit on their 040/060 stock. Do not feed them. Do not bid on eBay offerings with these CPUs, as this will drive up prices. Do not play around with a (trial-)broker account and offer lots of $$$ for these processors. This worked fine around 2012/2013 for 68030 processors, and this can work again for 040/060 processors. If there is no movement in these chips for 12-18 months, prices will go down to OK-levels.

So there are still big enough stocks of 040s and 060s around? Interesting... Fingers crossed that prices will go down and that you'll be able to produce something with 040/060. Even 040s would be good enough as you could at least sell a finished and tested product and then offer a "060 mode" as untested and at buyer's risk
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