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I've got a lot of MP3s lying around. Some of them remakes from, some of them ripped from my own CDs because I prefer having the music easily at hand (such as at my mouse), and a bit of them something which isn't to be found in stores anywhere around here. In total I have about 7 songs which I might actually find in a store but haven't bought. 7 songs from 7 different artists. But no matter that I'd probably still be labelled as one of the horrible people who'se fault it is some executive can't have a 3rd bottle of wine with his dinner.

What was said about DVDs has been said nicely.

As for DVDs and games. I see a trend in PC games on DVD which was seen last when the CD was new. You can get a sort of movie where you click or press a button some times (I've got Dragon's lair DVD for example), you can get your normal games on DVD so you don't have to change disc (like Baldur's gate, and I see Metal Gear Solid has been released on DVD too), and then there are a precious few games which are released solely on DVD, on the PC there was MegaRace, a fairly fun race/shooting game which used movies a dang lot. I can't remember the title but I saw a game in a store which was produced by Kryo (like Megarace was). Eventually hopefully the manufacturers will learn to utilise the ideas of DVD to bring a better game experience with new features... who am I kidding? They didn't really do that with the CD. Only make them prettier to look at because there was more space for graphics and sound.
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