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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
It's a shame he won't produce any without a cpu. That would be the only way it would be affordable.

Yet another person that believes component cost is the main cost factor in such a product. No, it isn't. it's just that I'm not willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a CPU that's just not worth it. If I did that, I'd either have to accept that the person selling the CPU gets more money than I would (at much less effort), or I'd have to make the unit extremely expensive (by means of "4-digit amount"). Both isn't acceptable.

Let chip brokers sit on their 040/060 stock. Do not feed them. Do not bid on eBay offerings with these CPUs, as this will drive up prices. Do not play around with a (trial-)broker account and offer lots of $$$ for these processors. This worked fine around 2012/2013 for 68030 processors, and this can work again for 040/060 processors. If there is no movement in these chips for 12-18 months, prices will go down to OK-levels.

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