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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I propose that instead of a "030/25 with some fast ram" it should be considered a more fair system a 68020 + 8MB fast.
i think it is practically all the same. aros, except patches loaded by setpatch is compiled for plain 68000 afaik. we can change target to 68020 perhaps to gain some speed, but i would put it undewr discussion first. by no means i would advocate to force 030 a requirement, but it may make a sense, since 030 instruction set is a subset of 020 as far as i understand, and this way fast execution on both may be actually guaranteed. does 030 provides bitfields for instance?

my intention is of course to go as low as possible on requirements, preferably past 030/25 we just need to see what is achievable.
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