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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Francois Lionet intresting hes says there might have been a 6 line gap between screens because of the copper list on AGA - amal is cool but think runs quicker with your own routine. and theres a plant growning out of your CD32.

What was the name of his first game for the oric?

a plant growing my CD32 good joke , its a Bonsai!

The Game Calls "RACER" for the Oric

runs quicker a own Routine? (Amos Basic Routine?) where I know Amal is the quicker Command in Amos (or more Precise sub language amal) in AMOS only MAchine Code inside Amos its more quick than Amal.
and I dont not really Sure. Amal plays your animations at 50TH images per second, so normal Amos Code not goes so fast like AMAL its my opinion if I understand you well.

Thanks For Comment .
all the best
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