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@deadwood and wawa

The bounty on performance of OCS/ECS/AGA driver and extention with overscan support, seems pretty reasonable.

Well, of course you could certainly take time to create a good benchmark for graphics.library. I propose to use SysSpeed for the time being. It is not perfect by any means, but it certainly does provides some benchmark information regarding graphics.library, besides, there are many available saved modules which include results which are good for comparison purposes. So why waste time reinventing the wheel?

I agree with wawa that for the time being targetting aros68k below an A1200 specs should not be clever. I propose that instead of a "030/25 with some fast ram" it should be considered a more fair system a 68020 + 8MB fast. Let me explain why:
1.It could potentialy in a hopeful, not so distant future compete with AmigaOS 3.9 as viable alternative (same hardware requirements).
2.Current FPGA developments target 68020 and not the 68030 instruction set.
3.The majority of new accelerators (and the cheapest ones too) are 68020 based and not so many are 68030.
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