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Originally Posted by deadwood View Post

Can you list the validation criteria that you would see for Scalos bounty (similar to what Clebin did for Workbook)? What sort of functionality would have to be supported.
first thing is making scalos version from contribs fully functional. i dont think there is any further demands on my part. im not fully familiar with its functionality, but i think if there is the bounty it should include reasonable maintenance even after its been fulfilled, that is if someone it gets broken again or if someone discovers a bug.
i hope it matches then the performance of the genuine 68k version.

making desktop fast enough on say 030/60 is further matter involving putting together an appropriate iff theme and icon set. i dont think there is any bounty necessary for this part.

unfortunatelly the screenmode prefs bug is making proper testing impossible as of today. i just discovered some bug neil must have introduced to listview, when trying to use unarc on 68k, it busy loops refreshing, but i cant neither cross check with current nightly nor with x86 mingw hosted. sigh..
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