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I remember the atari/coleco/intellivision crash. There were alot of companies coming out of nowhere releasing games that were total crap and unplayable. At the same time games for the C64 and other computers were taking off. I jumped from console back to home computers for gaming and didnt go back to consoles until the psx1 came out.

I think the people who got tired of paying $18 for a cd of crap music started pumping money into dvd's for the same price. The quality and value of movie dvd's far surpasses the value of music cd's. That and everybody has at least a few pirated audio cd's at this point in time plus mp3's are all over the place and kids think they are ok plus most of them play their mp3's on computers (something you cant do on newer music cd's). DVD sales are skyrocketing while cd sales are dropping.
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