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Thanks for the tip! I will test the files. It did show more than one partition data so I hope I chose the right one. I opened a few textfiles like startup sequences and the content was OK so I am hoping the rest are fine too. I got no duplicates though.

Yes, I tested a lot of stuff, Windows tools, Linux based, and I really tried to sort out a live CD that included dd_rescue but failed, it isn't easy (I wish someone would make such an image).

The Runtime Live CD worked great and it's free so you can see if it actually works. I left it there overnight and in the morning all my files were shown on the directory tree. I made the decision right then

I am guessing the hard drive is somewhat OK, but I don't trust it. After I am done recovering these files I will format it and see what's up. I have absolutely no idea what the hell happened here, but if GetBack is recovering files, I am assuming the drive's logic is OK. I tested the drive on my own USB enclosure and the same happened so the problem isn't within the Western Digital enclosure.
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