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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
Also, try GetDataBack recovery tool, very good (we here at work tried many and this was the only one to recover decent data), but takes a few days for large drives...
I gave this a try before reading your post. It was the ONLY software that showed up anything for the drive.
I now managed to recover my Amiga files!!!! I am super happy about this. I would recommend this software to anyone and for 80 dollars it's a great deal.

The software managed to find everything, but now I gotta just copy what's essential and get rid of the rest. There's a lot of TOSEC sets I don't care for and will let go. Hard drive crashes are good exercises in being zen and letting things go :P But I was really sad about my Amiga backups. Sad no more!

Now to make QUADRUPLE copies of this stuff...
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