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Originally Posted by clebin View Post
I think Workbook is far from a workable state right now, so Scalos would definitely be the quicker solution. I'm not trying to put a priority on it, just flagging it up as something that I think users would appreciate. After all, if Scalos was a total no-brainer over Workbench, wouldn't most classic users be running it on 3.x already?
i simply wasnt interested in scalos as preious since i considered it eye candy. which it is not as i discovered. it may not be a no brainer over workbench but it certainly is over wanderer in its current state. and since the programer behind wanderer doesnt seem to be very active currently it may take some timi before wanderer2, as its been a while already.

so, anyone out there to help me debug the issues? they are reproducible.
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