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Well the music suits haven't been able to tell that the dropping sales of their cookie cutter music isn't because of lack of interest but instead they label it off as piracy. A good bit of it might be piracy but I'd say an equal good bit of the missing numbers between their estimates and the actual sales is done by lack of interest, or people prioritising to buy something other than cds with an ever rising price tag.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the game suits will follow suit and blame it all on piracy and not learn a thing from the signals the consumer market sends.

I'm still considering getting a PS2 or GC mainly because those 2 systems have the greatest support from asian game creators. For some reason for a long time that area has produced a lot of more or less innovative games. Games which at least don't conform to the traditional standards of the time. Chu chu rocket is an example of a game for the DreamCast back then. There were definately not many games like that around at that time. Monkey ball should be a quite entertaining game as well, and I heard good things about Kula world for the PSX.

If there was one console I wouldn't want it would be the X-box, and that's not solely because it's an MS product, but more because as far as I can tell all the games for the X-box are too much like the games for the PC. If I've already got a PC why should I buy a box which can play strikingly similar games but at a much higher price per game?

Or maybe I'm wrong. To me the defining games of the X-box is Halo (like any PC shooter) and Gotham racing (which is strangely enough just another racing game)
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