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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

General comments:
I have done just a quick job of what I remember and did a check on both the latest ABI1 Aros68k build (20151130) and AmigaOS 3.1.
With more time, I can probably double check, because I know some functions are implemented on Aros somewhere else.
So take this as a rough guide or draft. If I had more time, I could probably do a more in depth check, which could include bugs,
unimplemented tooltypes, and some behaviour oddities

Missing functionality:
intellifont/compugraphic font support (TrueType is indeed the way forward, but it is another resource pig on anything but high-end
Amigas. And besides, Intellifont should be implemented anyway for backwards compatibility.)
cdrom filesystem (missing L:cdrom-handler. Is it in Aros68k rom? It should be on disk, see note no. 1)
no crossdos (L:fat-handler is missing. Is it in Aros68k rom? It should be on disk, see note no. 1)
recoverable ram volume support is non existant (RAD)
No Overscan support
No PCMCIA ram support

Missing disk components:
magtape (I dont know anyone who has used it, and I highly doubt it is required for backwards compatibility. But you never know)
remrad (no rad support)
setfont (setdefaultfont does not provide the same functionality. eg.: missing setfont tooltypes)
CLASSES/DATATYPES/anim.datatype (these datatypes seem implemented, but their classes are physically absent)
animation.datatype (these datatypes seem implemented, but their classes are physically absent)
cdxl.datatype (these datatypes seem implemented, but their classes are physically absent)
DEVS/audio.device (AHI is fine as a way forward, but it is a resource pig on anything below a 68020 on native, so I can imagine it is
like a torture if you take into account Aros68k performance)
cd0 (iso0 is present but we have the renaming issue. See note no.1)
pc1 (maybe a small omission)
DEVS/KEYMAPS/ (it is full of PC keyboard keymaps and a SUN one. But what about Amiga keymaps?)
DEVS/MONITORS/ (missing A2024, dblntsc, dblpal, euro36, euro72, multiscan, ntsc, pal, super72 and vgaonly. A generic one doesnt suit,
see note no. 1)
DEVS/PRINTERS/ (missing all printer drivers but postscript. Not that it is really needed, but at least, "generic" and "file" drivers
should be included)
FONTS (not a single one of the old native ones present. I understand that there are TTF replacements, but then see note no1.)
cdfilesystem (see note no. 1)
crossdosfilesystem (see note no. 1)
LIBS/68040.library (680x0.library exists but see note no. 1)
sound (yes, there is AHI, but I have already mentioned its issues)
intellifont (ftmanager doesnt cut it, as I mentioned before)
TOOLS/bru (not that I or anyone else care or require it for backwards compatibility, but some backup option should exist for completeness)
memacs (I dont use it or care about it, but why leave it out when it is PD?)
mouseblanker (I couldnt care less. But then it is not difficult to implement, isnt it?)


1.It is not wise for backwards compatibility┬┤s sake that some AmigaOS components get replaced with other ones with different names. Just
restore them to their original name for gods sake or create placeholders/links to the actual structures.
in general you can easily add anything as long as it does not rely on internal structures that perhaps are not implemented or implemented differently. You can f.e. add anything shell related easily, add more libraries and so on. Partly you can even replace existing components. I did f.e. replace Zune with MUI38 because some software I wanted did not work (example is IBrowse). The only disadvantage is that prefs do not work anymore so I created workarounds like predefined prefs files that are copied.

I have not much time now so a short answer... crossdos does not exist and on Aros (except 68k) nobody needs it and no sources are available so chance is pretty slim. The rest you wrote there like the "handler" I do not know. I do not know how complkicated it would be to implement it, in some cases perhaps only wrapper needed so perhaps something for a bounty.

Missing disk components. As I wrote you can add almost anything and as long as it not relys on unimplemented low-level components it works. I cannot remember f.e. "cpu" but I have added many components so it might be there. Also you do not need to include "ed" or similar because you can simply define it in shell-startup. I f.e. define it and execute annotate. Datatype system is different in aros so you cannot simply add or replace datatypes from 3.X (I have tested it). Datatypes would be certainly a candidate for a bounty. In Aros Vision I have created small Hollywood-programs for that and use filetype system of Magellan to execute them. Audio.device missing? It should be there but certainly using AHI that is standard on Aros. Printing and Printing to file works (at least on UAE, not tested it on real hardware). 68040.library can be added easily I think. I use Waitforport in Aros Vision, it is working with Rexxmast from Aros.

Mouseblanker? There is a "blanker" working with moving stars. What sense does mouseblanker make?

Other than that interesting list... I will look at it. Perhaps you can write what you think. Some is easy solvable by just adding/replacing components or configuration, others would need wrappers or even new components. I would like to make a distribution that is as near as possible to the real one.
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