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if you give up, I am sure some of us would like to go forensic on the drive, even if it means swapping out the PCB as some already suggested here.

Also, let the drive off for a while, such failures often may not reoccur the first time a cold drive is started. I saved some data in the past like that from tacky HDDs.

From my personal Amiga experience, I had my A4000 highly configured with plenty of DOPUS stuff and all kinds of (licensed!) software, until the day I saw the dreaded PFS1 error appear at boot, a known bug where the MBR was overwritten.

This also meant the end of my Amiga fever, as I was just too discouraged by the immense loss of this highly optimized install, and just not willing to reinstall everything from scratch. Now recently I started it build it together again with new hardware, but on hold as my PicassoIV was sent to Germany for a FliFi upgrade and the contact (ex-VillageTronic) has not responded to my mails anymore since almost 2 months... hopefully it is not lost otherwise it is game over completely here.
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