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> cdrom filesystem

aros has a replacement for this. i dont remember how this is called, but im pretty convinced its in rom. ill check when im back in studio.

> DEVS/audio.device (AHI is fine as a way forward, but it is a resource pig on anything below a 68020 on native, so I can imagine it is
like a torture if you take into account Aros68k performance)

using aros on an amiga below 68020 really doesnt make any sense even if possible. aros is making sense as an os replacement when there is damand for features not available on original os. such as for instance moving windows out of the screen. you dont need that to run some games on unexpanded amiga, and frankly then you are better off using it as is

> parallel.device

i think its basically implemented. olaf called for this. should be in rom. but i have never needed it.

> DEVS/KEYMAPS/ (it is full of PC keyboard keymaps and a SUN one. But what about Amiga keymaps?)

you can set keymap in prefs. i usually dont bother with it but i guess it works. should retest. possibly needs finetune.

> pallete

yes. i think its possible to set palette, but something should be done to have a prefs setting tool for pens and one screens palette shouldnt be trashed if a new screen opens with another. here some thoughts would be necessary, but i think it wont happen any soon as its amiga-68k exclusive feature.

> wbpattern

no wb to start with. wanderer has own prefs for it and scalos too.

> REXXC/hi

rexx on aros may generaly pose a problem as is. point taken. i have no experience here.

> waitforport

dont know..

> iconedit

id kill for a good replacement

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