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awake again. we have not been doing hell much after being back home from drinking wine and watching tims vermeer.

ed s:startup-sequence
perhaps calling such a program should be wrapped to the replacement. but is there even any scripts invoking an editor in order to cause noticeable incompatibility? doesnt seem logic, at least i have not came across any. whoever looks for an editor navigates to the tools directory and finds it. i have plenty practical experience with aros on amiga and it has never posed any problem for me.

besides is there ed execuatble in all versions of amiga system? perhaps, but im not even sure..

Despite not being documented many developers such as Ratte, to name one, have created new monitor drivers and could provide skeleton files
thor is another one. he wrote the monitor driver for natami. i would have to dig up our correspondence to recall details, he somehow considered these monitor files an inconsistent hack themselves and was in favor of a clean replacement. this way or the other i doubt we will ever see amiga compatible monitor files on aros, while i believe feats like overscan are on to do list.

I am not even dreaming about owb being reasonably useful on 68k in its current state.
not the odyssey, but believe me i ran aros owb on an amiga (with rtg) and it worked given the font cache is precalculated (it is after first execution) and the owb executable is in elf format it even starts rather quickly, otherwise it takes ages. browsing with it needs a fair bit of patience, for sure, but its in the about the same range as netsurf i would say.

What I was referring is that TTF fonts are the way forward, but they are pain inflicting on a 68k (even worse on aros), and that Compugraphic fonts should still remain for backwards compatibility. Furthermore, I added that replacements for standard AmigaOS 3.x fonts should be present (some not very clever programs have hardcoded font selections).
i think its a feature but not a priority. we need to focus on first things first. aros has some replacements for bitmap fonts and can use amiga fonts, while i dont think, its likely, that there is any intelifonts hardcoded anywhere, as they were pretty late addition. again, i didnt came across it being an issue having run a lot of amiga stuff on aros. we should postpone the solution to the moment more people are engaged with aros68k, if it ever happen

I can imagine a scenario where some user installs its vintage accelerator driver disk, using its installer, and ends up with a f*cked system.
this is not necessary as i said and shouldnt be done in first place. you can trash your genuine amiga system using inappropriate drivers as well, but i doubt anyone will ever think of, let alone get over to running some 060 library on aros, and if he did he will probably face an error, but not a trashed system. i think its truly a non issue.

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